A digital photo installation, launched live in Paris and fueled by an algorithm that actually measures creative uniqueness in social media. Inspired by the most unique vehicle of them all: The new Mercedes-Benz CLA. So ow can you stand out of the crowd if everybody wants to be special? Untamed is the first photo exhibition that autonomously curates itself and makes it possible to actually measure uniqueness in social media. Digitally fueled with the most extraordinary Instagram photos from around the world our proprietary algorithm analyzed several characteristics of each photo — such as colors, contrast and composition — to calculate the Untamed Score: a value which indicates how strongly the image is differentiated from the mass. The higher the Untamed Score, the more prominently the image was featured and shaped the entire exhibition. The campaign was received as a genuine art project and featured over 100,000 submitted and selected photos during the exhibition in Paris. Untamed earned massive global media coverage, received various awards and got an extended feature on ‘Think with Google’.

Jung von Matt

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