There is no place like unknown. For the brand's most important launch, Lexus tells the story of reimagination. Of what is possible when you leave your comfort zone. Even if that means to steer into the unknown.


Just like with the Lexus RX, we reimagine what is possible with a modern, charming, and very creative interpretation of the most celebrated film of all time: The Wizard of Oz. But rather than following the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy takes the Lexus RX onto the road less travelled, to reimagine what’s possible for her and her family.


Our campaign received extensive media coverage in global publications. Including extensive features in Forbes, AdAge and AdWeek which wrote an exclusive with the headline ‘Lexus goes over the Rainbow’. To date, this campaign has earned over over 847 million total media impressions and is the biggest broadcast campaign ever produced by Lexus.

“Lexus has reimagined an icon!”

“Lexus wonders if Dorothy had ignored the advice to follow the yellow brick road.”

“Lexus goes over the rainbow!”

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