Thieves NX

Lexus + 100 Thieves


How does a luxury car brand get an E-Sports team at the top of their game to not just drive their vehicle but to champion it? You give them a trophy they can drive. Created from their winning gameplay data.


To celebrate 100 Thieves’ epic longshot-to-champion run in one of gaming’s biggest, fiercest competitions — the League of Legends Championship — Lexus wanted the team to have more than a memento of their win, their hustle. On the surface, this vehicle is a cool, graphic car. But also on the surface, it’s a detailed story of player actions and movements during the playoff run. Data was pulled from the games, ingested into a custom-built tool and turned into a one-of-a-kind pattern for the car.


It might be easy for a brand to attach themselves to a huge gaming moment. But Lexus chose to become a part of that story by giving it an entirely new platform to be told on —sheet metal. It’s a coded story for a mere 150 million League of Legends fans. Those fans showed their respect for the car and Lexus, celebrating it as a “W” across social platforms. This isn’t an easy-to-impress crowd. But when Lexus became the #1 brand gaining momentum with a younger audience in Ad Age-Harris Poll’s GenZ tracker, that’s definitely what we would call a win. In addition to that, the campaign received the Effie Award, proving its effectiveness.

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