The Pulse of a New Generation



To captivate a completely new target group, take on an new automotive segment and radically rejuvenate its entire brand, Mercedes-Benz virtually met its audience in every channel there is and created a visual manifestation of the audience’s creative playground and hunger for self-driven storytelling.


The integrated and international campaign ‘The Pulse of a New Generation’ launched simultaneously across all channels and markets. The new A-Class introduces itself in an infinite space with infinite possibilities, communicating one feature per film and per medium.


Average recognition within the target group increased by 55% and modernized the brand’s image perception by over 20% better than average, reaching the #1 position in market shares in less than five months. And with 40% of new buyers being first time Mercedes-Benz customers, the campaign held true to its promise to reach a new and younger audience.

“Mercedes-Benz wants the world, and wants it soon.”

“Advance, Alive and Adrenaline.”

“The Pulse of a New Generation!”

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