Ruby Red Rims

Lexus + Harris Reed


The launch of the all-new Lexus RX set out to amplify the vehicle’s iconic reinvention by daring to reinvent the most famous icon in pop and fashion culture history — Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz.


The bespoke Ruby Red Rims, created in an exclusive partnership with the brilliant gender-fluid fashion designer Harris Reed, W Magazine and Warner Brothers, transforms a design feature into a dazzling bejeweled accessory unlike anything the automotive landscape has seen.


This epic collaboration garnered 4.2 billion press impressions in less than 10 weeks from the most prestigious fashion publishers such as Vogue to praise by the world’s biggest celebrities, proving when you dare to take the path unknown, you uncover a new world of possibilities.

“Chloë Sevigny, Karlie Kloss and Pharrell Williams all ogled.”

“We just want to know if that's a real ruby.”

“The Ruby Red Rims are just something else.”

“If Dorothy had ignored the ‘follow the yellow brick road’ advise and taken the road less traveled instead.”

“Lexus has traveled to Oz with Harris Reed.”

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